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Thames Turbo Development Squad


Thames Turbo Triathlon Club are please to announce the launch of the Thames Turbo Development Squad for 2018. The squad comprises of 12 members, 8 Male and 4 Female, and will include a mixture of different age, ability and experience levels.  Each Squad member will have specific goals and race targets covering distances from Sprint to Ironman and we will work together as a team to Develop and improve. Aims for the Squad members vary from meddling at the European Age Group Championship, to qualifying for the World Championship to time targets at Half Ironman and Ironman. We will also be working as a team to focus on the London League events to be as competitive as we can. Each month each Squad member will be reporting on their process so please come back to this page and click on the Monthly Updates icon to see how the team are doing.



We are also please to announce the following partners who are working with us and are an invaluable part of our Development:




I-Ride - Helping up get quicker bike splits with the fantastic Aragon 18 range of bikes
 - Helping us to Develop our bike Power with their great range of Power Meters




Saddledrunk - Making sure we are on start lines with comfortable, fast and stylish race Kit



KitBrix - Ensuring we arrive with all the right kit and neatly packed with everything a Triathletes needs at hand



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